Clean to close Web Development

Nobody wants to move into a dirty house. Clean to close connects Realtors with Cleaners so that they can collaborate and the house stays clean for an open house.

Client brief

The client wanted a portal to be created that would let Realtor's and Cleaner's dreams come true. This platform allows for ease of access on both sides, meaning whoever visits will find the house clean!
The portal on the website should let cleaners and Realtors register so they can find their preferred jobs.




Web Development

The Introduction

We wanted to create a website that best reflects the Clean to Close business model to keep things simple. We wanted to make sure that customers get a smooth, interactive user experience so that they face no problem in registering or finding jobs.

The problem

Every client has their specific needs, Clean to Close owners wanted a customized contact form that had tabs of their choice. This required customization of Bootstrap UI. Plus they wanted their website’s UI to be minimal. In a world full of creativity, it was hard to create a minimalist yet striking UI.
The client required an order management system implemented within the website that should be able to track and keep records of orders.
We welcomed the challenge, promised them that it would get done and delivered.

The Solutions

When we started working on the project, it was clear that nothing in this world would be as important to Clean to Close’s owner as their vision. We brought together our creative team and tech-savvy geniuses gave them some sources of inspiration and the client’s brief.

We worked hard for weeks coming up with different designs until finally settling into one sleek design carefully highlighting its core features.


The client’s easy-going attitude and clear vision about his project made our team enjoy working for them. The design team was so committed to providing the best possible minimalistic experience, that they couldn't help but spend every waking moment testing out different designs.
We created the whole website from scratch and ensured that the design resonated with the business model. We also added a payment merchant: PayPal, implemented an order management system while ensuring a smooth user experience.

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