33 black frog
Web Development
& Animation

Life as a Navy SEAL frogman is very difficult, but the work that they do to protect our
country makes it worth all of their sacrifices. 33 Black Frog is a website that pays
tribute to an ex-marine frogman for his services to the US navy.

Client brief

Andre Ferguson (our client) wanted to honor his father(Eddie Ferguson) by getting a short high-quality animation video created about the life story of an ex-marine frogman who overcomes challenges while being an integral part of the US navy seals.






Web Development

The Introduction

Our team of experts had to create an interactive website that resonated with the animation video documentary. The animated video documentary needed to be created about the life of Eddie Ferguson, a US navy frogman, and old-school warrior. The video should depict the actual war scenario and how the frogman stops hostile forces.

The challenge

One of the most difficult aspects of animation is making it seem real. Animators have to make people believe what they are seeing and feel connected with characters through their emotions. The challenge was to use a dynamic script that had many moving parts while adhering to an incredibly short timeline.

We welcomed the challenge wholeheartedly.

The solution

It was clear from the beginning that this project wasn’t going to be easy because it involved so dynamic scripts and so many moving parts.

We sat down with our animators and designers to create a strategy that would entail an animated video depicting a real-life scenario.

Our team used predefined characters and an assortment of moving pieces to create a mind-blowing animation video with amazing cinematics.


When we were first contacted by Andre to produce a video, he had clear specifications for what he wanted. Working with someone who knew so much about the industry was incredibly helpful and fun! He gave us constructive feedback on our initial edits that really helped improve it in ways we never would have thought of ourselves. We couldn't be more grateful or excited to work with him again soon!

The Results

The end result was one of the best-animated video documentaries with breathtaking cinematics ever produced by us.

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