Browsing for homes and closing house deals have been simplified ever since mobile apps related to property management and rental property entered the market, making house hunting a convenient procedure for all. Luckily for homebuyers, these apps have improved and are getting further better at facilitating relevant consumers to find accurate housing information while helping users narrow down their property search. These commercial real estate apps and house hunting apps are designed to improve the lives of their users and tailored accordingly. As these property management apps grow in sophistication, they make the online real estate industry far more competitive than it already is.

We have listed some of the top real estate apps that will prove to be extremely helpful when you search for your next property purchase. Tailored as per the trends of the rental property field, you can look at the different types of real estate apps that you may want to download before you step into this vast field. All the listed apps are currently available on both iOS and Android.

The Benefits Of Using Different Types Of Property Management Apps


Apps for property listings will help you find commercial real estate listings and only show those specific to a region or property type. Such real estate apps are great resources for gaining information about a property before you pay a personal visit to it. Then various planning apps can help estate agents with their deals. Since this entire process requires strategic planning, the commercial real estate app comes with features that can help you organize tasks, create daily checklists, map out floor plan(s), and even allow you to take virtual tours of the respective property.
But this is not all. Real estate agents no longer have to worry about bad reviews as the numerous client relationship management apps available help to facilitate clients while the various administrative apps help to simplify task management, assisting in multiple areas, which may include document sign and scan, calendaring, setting reminders, and much more. While house hunting apps and rental property apps have brought about a new change in real estate, they have become convenient as they helped bridge the market gap between buyers, sellers, realtors, and investors. On the other hand, property management apps have proved to be a profitable professional venture for appreneurs. Surveys show that the majority of home searches usually start from the internet before they jump on any property management apps.


DocuSign is an excellent real estate app that is perfect if you are looking to secure electronic signatures. Once your client is ready to sign the papers, you can simply email the soft copy and get their consent. The app safely stores the legal contract and related documents, so if you want to send them over to your client, you can do that as well. While this is not a conventional commercial real estate app, the reviews have shown extremely useful for real estate agents.

Evernote Scannable

While the real estate industry is catching up, not everyone in property management is tech-savvy. That’s why we recommend that you incorporate simple tools such as the Evernote Scannable, in which the user can simply turn paper into a digital document. The app recognizes the paper document. After scanning it, it can quickly straighten the document, crop it, or add information to the digital version, which can be shared with any recipient.


PropertyCapsule is an app that works exclusively on iOS. It is explicitly geared towards retail spaces; hence you can access your portfolio on your smart devices such as iPad. This app allows you to make effective presentations, assist with supplemental options such as floor plans and tour books. You can customize each presentation as per the preference and requirement of your audience. In addition to this, you can upload new info that will automatically be synchronized across all devices. Definitely a tool that can be considered as one of the top real estate apps for property agents.


VTS app is one of the top real estate apps for various reasons. As a property agent, you no longer have to be stuck in meetings with clients when you can simply send them the required information via email, which is why VTS is a massive favorite among industry insiders. Another reason why it is deemed as an excellent commercial real estate app as VTS puts all-important real estate information in real-time so that it is available to all respective parties that keeps everyone on the same page.

VTS Rise

VTS Rise, on the other hand, is a spectacular house hunting app that simplifies the property management process for tenants, giving them optimal assistance and convenience in these matters. Tenants can use this app to make related service requests that they can later view on this rental property app. In addition to this, they can always stay connected to the latest happenings in the community space

Visual Lease

Visual Lease is the opposite of what its name suggests. This is an accounting app that can be counted as a real estate app because it helps the client better understand their financials. The user can use this app to keep a constant track of their financial position and then take property-related issues. Interestingly, multiple users can access this app simultaneously, keeping important financial data updated while constantly being aware of upcoming targets and deadlines.

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We live in a connected world where it is impossible to stay aloof and isolated from the latest trends in the marketplace related to your industry. While there are plenty of real estate apps available in the market today that can facilitate and assist both the property seller and the buyer, you still need to network to gain a better understanding of the respective industry. That’s where these social media apps come in handy, as they keep you updated, and they keep you connected with parties who are interested in the property management business. On a final note, using some of the apps mentioned above will simplify your life, whether you are a client interested in purchasing or selling your respective property. Or whether you belong to the other side of the story. These apps will help you navigate an industry slowly transitioning into a digital sphere.

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